The Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN) has and pays for 250 domains. An increase in ATN's already 
substantial visitor count is anticipated, once our idea of charging just a Euro for each day for the 
privelage of being on every site (not the advertiser's name) but a sign reading "sale" is in full swing. 
Naturally there are extra costs, but as you will soon see these will depend entirely on the response. 
We anticipate the response will be great and I am now trying to enlist frelance designers at this price. 

The extra costs to ATN are as follows.
The limited number of advertising hotels, restaurants and sport shops and others that take our offer.
 Maximum number 40. Each one will cost 40% or 12 Euros. That is 40% of each business that decides 
to sign on and needs help in selling accommodation or another item. 

The sale sign will be on every domain and lead to the and from there to a number of appropiate pages. 
Each accommodation or other represented site means that the "sale" sign will do the main work. 
The other sites will lead to the place of business that wants to sell any item. 
A second page (the first will be one page) will be on sale for 20 Euros. This will earn the designer 
most of the money. It will still be the at price of the first page to be designed 14 Euros but will leave 
just 6 Euros profit. This is a price we will pay for more than one offer. The pages will be limited to 
two items per sale. 


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